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muscle-fit t-shirt, One off clothing, Unique designer clothing

Muscle-fit designer t-shirt

Another unique designer t-shirt from the One Off: brand.
This is from the mens 2010 collection.  Since then we have
changed the the cut slightly for an excellent  muscle/ slim-fit.
The  newer 2013 version is in stock with a newer flawless fit.
The t-shirts can be worn tight, fitted or loose, The model in
the picture wears an extra large. To view the new fit take a look
at the unique designer t-shirt collection by One Off Couture.
If you require a custom fit/One Off: take a look at the
One Off Clothing page for the design your own options
Be unique be different @One Off Couture


One off: unique-designer-dresses

One off, one off dresses, unique designer fashion

unique designer dress A quick look through our  past designs of unique designer dresses.

The One off: couture fashion label is currently updating the 2013
collection of unique designer womenswear.
We are also adding a One Off dresses section where you can design
your own clothing. One Off: will be catering for all those who like
edgy fashion this year so for all those who like unique clothing,
watch this space…