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One-Off: Unique-designer-clothing

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One Off Clothing

One Off Couture’s Unique designer menswear is now in stock starting with
around 30 unique designer t-shirts from the standard label tees shown
In the pic, to the black label t-shirts on our Uk website. This is from the ” famous”
line based on iconic figures from the past and present with edited art work
from us at One Off Couture, Proving that  they can be worn either loose or fitted
Featuring notorious icon “Scarface”



One Off: unique designer dress,

unique designer dress

Another past design from “One Off”  This is one of the first unique body-con dresses from
us back in 2010. As we are currently updating the 2013 collection we thought
we would give you something to look at so you can get a feel of where we are

One Off clothing, Unique designer fashion,

One Off Couture

The One off couture idea started in October 2009.We put in a trademark label application around that time but it did not go through straight away due to the long process the government takes to forward these kind of applications. However we  got the trademark around February 2010 and the One Off Couture label was born. The reason we started the label was because of the lack of choice when we would go shopping. Some days you could visit 3 or 4 shops then get home trawl the net and find nothing. Our designs are a niche thing and that’s  the area we are targeting. There are a lot of labels out there trying their thing but here at One Off Couture we aim for individual unique styles.There is the standard  label which we  create  awesome  in your face unique designer t-shirts and dresses. These are  lower priced than the black label which  all come with some extra added embellishment  or unique addition of some sort.The standard  label consists of digitally printed t-shirt dresses, vest dresses, t-shirts and straight forward designs by the One Off team while the black label consists of added extras and twists  by the chief designer. All designs are made in the UK by the  the chief designer for One Off Couture and he himself has an interesting motto. “All my ready to wear items are from my own mind and perception of the end garment and simply, if I wouldn’t wear it I would not put it up for sale. When it comes to women’s designer clothing the same rules apply. My wife loves fashion and we both have similar fashion sense so if something doesn’t look good on her we won’t put it out there.”  One Off Couture is not for everyone its a unique designer fashion label and some people Just cannot pull the look off. That’s just some, as many fashionista’s, can with ease and  its a very good look. Yes its Expensive, Some off its Loud, Definitely Bold,  Some may say Daring, In a lot of cases Sexy, Masculine and Strong, Funky, yet classy. We also have a design it yourself option which we are in the process of tweaking up. We plan  to digitally print your own pattern, picture or design onto any of our ready to wear garments or make your item from scratch so as to keep your purchases “One Off”, please take a look and judge for yourself  be unique be different @ One Off Couture.   www.oneoffcouture.co.uk